Athena Engineering Services

Athena Engineering Services is ready to help you achieve your technology goals. All of our developers leverage more than 15 years of experience creating and managing web, enterprise desktop, embedded, and mobile applications. Do you have an idea for an application or data store? We can help you build robust, maintainable IP on your domain or ours!

Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your software, applications, data, and technology goals.

Custom Software

  • Solutions to your specification
    • Web applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Desktop applications (various platforms)
    • Cloud data storage
    • Systems integration
    • Aggressive times-to-market for new development
    • Robust, maintainable IP on your domain or ours
    • Thorough user interface & experience design
  • Specialized calculations
    • Dynamic drilling & intervention simulations
    • Proprietary algorithms for tubing forces or other simulations
    • Finite element analysis
  • Software Consulting Services
    • Redesign & refactoring of your existing applications & systems
    • Migration of your software to a mobile, web, or cloud architecture
    • Full life-cycle capabilities