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Athena Engineering Services has worked with some outstanding companies on the cutting edge of technology in the oil & gas and other industries. Below, we've provided some case study examples of our work to demonstrate our partnering capabilities with customers. In addition to control systems and custom modeling software for dynamic forces, tubing fatigue, well intervention, extended reach, and hydraulics, we can create web and mobile applications to your specification and tailored to your business process or well intervention procedures.

If you have any questions about the studies or how we can help you achieve your goals, contact us to discuss.

Dynamic Tubing Forces Model and Safe Operational Limits of Riser-less CT Intervention systems
Oil & Gas, Subsea

Purpose / Challenge :
The concept of riser-less coiled tubing (CT) interventions in offshore wells promises significant reductions in both cost and non-productive time associated with many offshore well interventions. However, conveying CT from a vessel through the open ocean into a high pressure subsea wellhead without a marine riser package poses several significant technical issues that must be identified and mitigated in system design and pre-job planning :
  • High stress to yield ratios in heavy seas
  • Catastrophic buckling in the water column
  • Synchronization of tubing payout and wellhead entry rates
  • Subsea wellhead snubbing at high differential pressures
Riserless coiled tubingDefining Operational Limits of a Riser-less CT Intervention System

Achievements :
Defined a procedure for calculating a recommended safe operational envelope for riser-less CT intervention
Designed and built a customized dynamic tubing forces model and job planning software
Engineering Consulting, Custom Software
Tools :
Finite Element Analysis, Visual Studio, .Net, Windows, SQL Server

Automation & Control of Subsea Pressure Seal Analysis System
Oil & Gas, Subsea

Purpose / Challenge :

Life time estimation testing (LET) of elastomeric seals is a key component to engineering safe and economical completions and wellhead assemblies. This practice, specified by API 17D, Annex J.4.1 provides accelerated aging data by exposing a functional pressure seal to various chemical compositions and pressures expected downhole at a schedule of greatly increased temperatures until seal failure in a laboratory setting. These tests have traditionally been performed manually by highly skilled technicians with corresponding high labor costs. Argen presented us with the challenge to develop an automated test system to augment the process with a programmatic stage gate control and data acquisition system while reducing the overall operating cost and skilled labor required to perform these testing regimes.

Development of the LET automation system required design and integration of thermal and pressure control systems with a focus on maintainability and economy. This was achieved using a Siemens PLC as the primary controller managing a preexisting heater control system as well as new analog and digital components. Features such as PID control with varying PID coefficient tables, RS-485 Modbus communications, TCP/IP over Ethernet, digital and analog IO were leveraged to create broad system functionality including: pressure and temperature control based on user defined stage tables, seal failure determination, linear decompression ramps with feedback compensation for the Joule-Thomson effect, calibration for thermal transfer factors, continuous data logging to multiple PCs, and plant status web pages for remote monitoring.

Achievements :
Designed and deployed control system for test automation
Automated thermal compensation and control system maintained accurate control of process temperatures
Pressure control algorithms and associated valves improved repeatability and precision of test functionality vs. manual control
Custom monitoring & control software
Custom mobile application for remote monitoring & notifications
Engineering Consulting, Control Systems, Custom Software
Tools :
Siemens S7-1200, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Visual Studio, .Net, Windows, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server

"The iOS application is outstanding! Thank you for your attention to detail in the design and development of this system."
J. Munckton, Engineering Technician