Athena Engineering Services

Our engineering team provides consulting for operations on land and offshore. We have expertise in dynamic torque and drag (tubing forces) modeling for coiled tubing, wireline, and drilling. As well as coiled tubing fatigue modeling and hydraulics simulations. We can provide consulting services for high-risk jobs involving dynamic forces and define a safe operating envelope for the job. For new intervention technologies, we can create custom algorithms and software tailored to your operation.

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Engineering Consulting

  • Coiled Tubing and Its Applications
    • Fatigue life modeling
      • Specialized cases for alternate surface equipment
      • Riserless intervention
      • Customizable fatigue bending events
      • Material fatigue models
    • Job Modeling
      • Tubing Forces (buckling, lockup, extended reach, stretch, jarring)
      • Dynamic forces and finite element analysis
      • Hydraulics
      • Free-standing parabolic arch analysis
      • Maximizing horizontal drilling and extended reach
      • Riser analysis
    • CT Limits (burst, collapse, tension and compression)
    • Elasting & plastic bending (failure analysis)
    • Cable installation systems (cable, fiber optic, capillary tubing)
    • Expert witness services
  • Jointed Pipe (drill pipe, tubing, casing)
    • Pipe Limits (burst, collapse, plastic and elastic yielding)
    • Tubing forces (buckling, lockup, extended reach, stretch, jarring)
    • Drill pipe failure analysis due to bit stick
    • Safe limits for jarring operations​
    • Casing and wellbore component wear
  • Wireline / Slickline
    • Forces (static & dynamic)
    • Fatigue life predictions